Laura combines the voices of teens, the concerns of parents, and the outcomes of research to offer well-rounded information and strategies to navigate the difficulties of this stage in family lives. She specializes in counseling adolescents and their families with an emphasis on bridging the gaps in communication and generational changes. Laura’s ability to balance being direct and goal-oriented with a desire to learn and understand her clients creates an environment conducive to measureable change and emotional safety.

To Register:

Call the front desk at 281-277-8811

to reserve your space.

Childcare not available.

Dates & Times:

Winter Series

Wednesdays from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Seminar 1:    February 8, 2017
Seminar 2:    February 15, 2017
Seminar 3:   February 22, 2017

Spring Series
Wednesdays from 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Seminar 1:    April 5, 2017
Seminar 2:    April 12, 2017
Seminar 3:   April 19, 2017

Fall Series
Tuesday from 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Seminar 1:    October 3, 2017
Seminar 2:   October 10, 2017
Seminar 3:   October 17, 2017


Laura Braziel


•   Cultivating appreciation
•   Setting ground rules
•   Giving responsibilities

•   Gaining cooperation
•   Appropriate privileges
•   Establishing contracts

•   Parent's role in self-esteem
•   Empowering your teen
•   Regulating emotions

•   Social Media
•   Frequently used apps

•   Guidelines for technology use
•   Why teens love their phones
•   The world of technology

Seminar 1:

Relating, Communicating, & Staying Calm with Your Teen

•   Parenting style assessment

•   Brain development
•   Realistic expectations
•   Effective communication

•   Rebuilding & maintaining relationship
•   Staying calm
•   Gaining respect
•   Foundations for openness & honesty

•   Effective vs ineffective parenting strategies

Parents & adults who work with teens will learn specifics on handling entitlement,

self-esteem, social media, sex, drugs, and self-harm behavior. Intended for parents, teachers, youth ministers and any adult who works with children between the ages of 10 and 16,

this seminar series provides important education and skills designed to

reduce the stress and anxiety of guiding teens into adulthood.

What others are saying about this seminar series:

"Eye opening information and helpful techniques and skills taught to foster a relationship and then how to intervene and help your teen through life stresses."

"This is not something that is just helpful to people who are having

issues with their kids, but to all parents. This seminar has changed my life,

my son's life, and the way I parent."

"I loved Laura's enthusiasm, energy, and real life examples!"


402 Julie Rivers Drive

Sugar Land, TX 77478


$100 per person, per seminar

$250 per person for series

$350 for couples (both parents attending the entire series)

Special discount available for:

Teachers              Youth Workers

Ministry Staff            Counselors

Psychiatrists       Social Workers

$190 with proof of profession

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be offered for those holding mental health licenses in Texas (LPC, LMFT, and LCSW).

•   Scope of sexuality
•   Gaining influence
•   When to intervene
•   Sexting

•   Sexual identity
•   Pornography
•   How to talk about sex
•   Realistic expectations

•   Acknowledging parental limits
•   Setting realistic boundaries
•   Development of addiction
•   Impact of marijuana on teens

•   Common substances among teens
•   Reasons teens use
•   Accountability strategies
•   Available treatments

•   Why teens self-harm
•   Components of self-harm
•   Staying calm when teens self-harm
•   Responding appropriately to self-harm

Seminar 3:

Sex, Drugs, and Self-Harm

Seminar 2:

Entitlement, Self-Esteem, and Social Media