The seminars we provide are essentially shorter (2 hour), self-contained workshops. This format allows you to select only the information applicable to you, helping to reduce demand on busy schedules. All seminars are customized by our licensed professionals, utilizing clinical expertise, biblical training, and current research. This ensures that you get the most faith based, scientifically proven, relevant information possible on the topic area.

Often in life there is a realization of the need for more training in the area of relationships, that's where we can help. Our seminars, offered by our therapists, provide education and tools for everyday concerns and scenarios. We recognize it is not financially feasible for everyone to speak with a therapist one-on-one to get the information needed to adequately address relational concerns. Our seminar series are designed to be cost effective (3 part series are $250 instead of $750 and 4 part series are $350 instead of $1000!). The seminar format also ensures you get not only information you need right now, but skills you will need in the future.