Deborah will meet with you as a couple for a half day or full day intensive.

All intensives are scheduled upon request.

 The fee for half day intensives is $725.00.    The fee for full day intensives is $1,450.00.

Deborah Moncrief is a Christian Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Deborah has been counseling since 1985.  She is author of The Hear Process and co-author of Press On...From Mourning to Joy. Deborah and her husband John have been married since 1981. They are both certified trainers with  Intimate Life Ministries and Dynamic Marriage. Deborah is also certified as a Prepare and Enrich Counselor, offering pre-marital counseling. Deborah and John enjoy conducting marriage workshops, marriage intensives, conflict resolution workshops and small groups.

Offered by:

Deborah Moncrief


The intensive is designed to:

                               • Bring healing and hope to your marriage 
                               • Deepen understanding of how to bring love and respect to your relationship
                               • Determine what motivates your spouse

                               • Discover how to love one another effectively through meeting each others needs
                               • Resolve conflict in a thorough, quick, and loving way
                               • Gain skills to let conflict draw you together rather than pull you apart
                               • Heal past hurts and be empowered to prevent future hurts
                               • Develop compassion for one another

For couples in crisis, a one hour session may seem frustratingly slow in bringing healing and resolution to your relationship. This pace can increase doubts and fears that healing will never occur.  

These one or two day marriage intensives are designed to quickly and effectively get to the heart of your issues. This extended time will allow for immediate healing and understanding to begin.  

You will gain skills that will help you begin to experience those loving feelings once again. You will also learn The HEAR Process, which will increase confidence to move forward in your marriage in peace, compassion, and emotional intimacy. This spiritual approach to marriage restoration allows for a radical change in your hearts and
in your communication.  

Marriage Intensives