Tim Mavergeorge


A 16-week therapy group focusing on a Christian perspective toward healing

of sexual addiction.

Tim has led men's sexual addiction groups since 1999 and has been working as a therapist since 1986. His open and relaxed style of relating helps group members feel comfortable participating in discussion, allowing them to move further in the recovery process.

About this group:

    This group is limited to 5-6 carefully screened men. Each group member is selected to ensure appropriateness and good fit. This group works best for men wanting/needing a structured plan for making progress in sexual addiction recovery. Structured assignments are utilized on a weekly basis and unlike support groups, cross talk is encouraged and managed by the facilitator.

Isolation and shame prevent you from recovery. Come be a part of a group that will give you tools and support to address the addiction you face.

Dates & Times:

Thursdays, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

This group is right for you if you:

     •   Have consequences related to sexual "acting out"
     •   Struggle with compulsive pornography use
     •   Compulsively masturbate
     •   Hire prostitutes
     •   Go to "men's clubs"
     •   Have had multiple affairs
     •   Feel bad/guilty after  "acting out"
     •   Wife feels devastated after finding out
     •   Are in need of healing and restoration

To Register:

Contact Tim Mavergeorge

at 281-277-8811 for prescreening


$220 Monthly


402 Julie Rivers Drive

Sugar Land, TX 77478