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Stacey creates a safe place to share your story. She is approachable and authentic. Clients have commented how Stacey is real and makes you feel safe in sharing your story. She skillfully manages the group so that there is equal time sharing as well as allowing for the Holy Spirit to move. She tells the women that it is their group and they have autonomy to make the healing process theirs. Members look forward to each group, knowing that something is there for them weekly. She has done her own recovery in this area and continues her journey of growth. Stacey travels with New Life Ministries across the country to facilitate weekend healing groups on specific issues such as: weight loss, sexual betrayal, trauma, and general healing. Her experience with groups dates back over 15 years when she started leading recovery groups in her church. 

Do you have trouble saying “no”?

Are you overwhelmed by other people’s issues?
Do you have so many things going on at once that you can’t do justice to any of them?
Do you feel people in your life would go downhill without your constant efforts?
Do you value other people’s ways of doing things more than your own?
Do you feel only feel good about yourself when other people approve of you?

This group will help you:

     •   Build healthy ways of connecting to others
     •   Avoid repeating unhealthy relationships
     •   Learn how to set effective boundaries
     •   Embrace who you are at your core
     •   Keep perspective of problems
     •   Trust others in a new way
     •   Trust your intuitions and thoughts
     •   Honor your needs, intentions and limits
     •   Reduce the chaos in your life
     •   Let go of things you can’t change or control

Sometimes in life we realize we have been spending so much time nurturing those around us that we lose connection with who we are.

This group is for women who want to reclaim themselves and their direction and passion in life. By learning the relational skills needed to stay connected and developing the ability to make intentional and healthy decisions about your life, you can reclaim the person God created you to be.

A 12-week therapy group designed to build healthy ways of communicating.
Learn to set boundaries, honor your needs and intentions & trust your intuition, and thoughts.

Limited to women 18 years and older this group is a safe place to discover who you are, build healthy ways of relating to others, increase self-esteem, and uncover the root reasons for  unhealthy relationship patterns.


Stacey Sadler


If you asked yes to any of the above questions, this group can benefit you!

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$180 Monthly


402 Julie Rivers Drive

Sugar Land, TX 77478