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I have lived in Houston for 28 years though I am originally from Bogota, Colombia. I traveled throughout the world until I graduated from high school in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Recently, I lived 2 years in Indonesia where I explored Asia, trekking up Mount Kalimantan and Merapi, a volcano in Central Java, Indonesia. Currently I reside in Katy, Texas, where I have the privilege of raising Cassandra and Christian, my young adult twins. I feel honored to be working as a counselor, a profession I love.

I obtained my Masters in Education Counseling and saw clients at the Family Service Center. While I worked with a variety of clients, I focused mostly on sexually abused children and their families. Following this, I became a full-time mommy for seven years. I was blessed to stay home with my kids and focus on their growth – and mine.

I had my own private practice where I worked with children, individuals, and couples who were going through a “tough period” in their life, experiencing a crisis, or a life situation that had hurt their ability to lead a happy and fulfilling life. I worked with anxiety disorders, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, eating disorders, depression, marriage counseling and anger management. In addition, to the clinical work, I was involved in a divorce recovery program.

Since I speak both English and Spanish, I have been able to work with a wider range of people. I worked with groups of ladies that had been brought from Mexico with the promise of jobs and freedom but instead found themselves used as “sex slaves”. I also spent time working in a chronic pain clinic, many clients struggling with PTSD. Among the many issues we addressed were chronic pain, depression, anxiety and anger management.

In my most recent work experience, I provided counseling to young children, adolescents, older teenagers and their families. In many cases, I worked with the parents and did individual, couples, or Family Counseling. The majority of my clients were diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, bipolar, depression, anxiety, physical and/or sexual abuse, and sexual identity crisis. In this practice, I also worked individually with adults confronted with marital, parenting, depression, and sexual/physical issues.

My multi-cultural upbringing, and my ability to speak Spanish and English fluently, was often helpful in my treatment of families where the parents spoke only Spanish and the children spoke mostly English. It was also helpful in working with couples dealing with multi-cultural issues.

As a Christian, I turn my day over to Him every day. I pray to do His will everyday and ask for His guidance in everything I do. I do not believe that anyone that ends up in my office is there by accident. In everything I do and say, I try to honor God. So as I listen to my clients, I always come and counsel from a Christian perspective. In addition to my faith, what approach I take to my client’s presenting problem/challenge is very dependent on the client, the challenge and their time constraints.



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