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I am passionate about counseling because I have witnessed its ability, both in my life and in others’, to bring profound change. There is something powerful and even sacred about honesty and transparency. As Jesus said in John 8:32, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” That includes learning the truth about ourselves.

My areas of expertise include marriage or couples’ counseling, as well as learning to deal with anger and other powerful emotions that can dominate and damage relationships. I have extensive experience working with men’s issues including sex addiction and dependence on drugs and alcohol. From my years of work at an inpatient center, I have become very familiar with the complicated issues of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

I have written two books that reflect my own philosophy and approach to counseling. The first, Getting to the Root, explores how faith, hope, and love can bring healing from anger, frustration, depression, and compulsive or addictive behavior. My second book, The Labyrinth of Shame, is a study in how guilt and shame can paralyze a person, keeping them stuck year after year with the same problems. Shame over the past is a potent force that fuels many of our unhealthy behaviors. Therapy is a good place to begin that healing. Life will never be perfect, but it can get a whole lot better. As a counselor, my commitment to you is to walk with you so that we together can find the path toward a healthier spiritual, psychological, and even physical life. You are not in this alone.

I use several different types of counseling depending on the problem and situation. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has proven successful with depression and can also be utilized for a wide variety of other problems as well.

Mindfulness and Dialectical Behavior Therapy bring better emotional stability and control. My approach to couples’ counseling draws heavily upon the work of John Gottman and Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy. Finally, I also believe that education is essential. I have been a public speaker for over thirty years and have led seminars on marriage and depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

My wife, Celeste and I, were married in 1978 and have two adult children. Although I am a native Texan, we have had a wonderful and exciting life together, living in Europe, Canada, and three different states; Texas, Missouri, and Washington. I have been an ordained minister since 1990 and attended seminary, Regent College, in Vancouver, B.C. I earned an MCS there in theology and then my second Masters, in counseling, from Houston Graduate School of Theology. I am a board certified, Licensed Profession Counselor with the State of Texas.

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