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I joined HCCC in 2004 as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). My counseling career started in 1992 working with children and adolescents for approximately ten years providing therapy and placement services to foster children and homeless youth. Since 2002, I have been in private Christian counseling in Katy and Sugar Land serving adults, adolescents and children 10 and older.

I am a certified Prepare Enrich Counselor which allows me to provide focused attention to couples preparing to marry or remarry. I have extensive training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in order to be able to better help clients with trauma or who are seeking to reach peak performance and overcome feeling stuck in their lives due to unresolved issues in their background. I have seen much progress made with my clients in the over thousand plus sessions I have facilitated where EMDR was the appropriate treatment approach. I enjoy helping with depression, anxiety, grief, phase of life issues, and traumas large and small. I will not be your best choice of therapist if you are dealing with divorce, custody, or addiction issues. Please consult the biographies of my associates for these issues.

My approach to counseling is to meet my clients where they are emotionally, then, together with the Holy Spirit, we will find our way back to that juncture where somehow things got off track. I feel it is always wise to acknowledge there is only one “healer” in the universe, and it is not me. I am truly blessed by my clients, their courage to share their stories with me, and their resiliency to work through the impasses and struggles that they have encountered.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with minors in Religion and Psychology from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX and my master’s degree from St. Mary’s University, also in San Antonio.

I married my husband in 1992 and we are the proud parents of dogs and miniature donkeys. I am a nature lover and outdoor adventurer of every kind. I welcome all the challenges God’s universe presents to us on a daily basis!



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