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  • Almost Alcoholic: Is My (or My Loved One’s) Drinking a Problem? (The Almost Effect) by Joseph Nowinski and Robert Doyle  "If you are uncertain whether the alcohol you consume is actually a problem in your life, this is a great guide.  Take the quiz inside and find practical strategies to help yourself." Barb Waldron
  • Love First: A Family’s Guide To Intervention by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay  "This book is very helpful to facilitate understanding about what an intervention is, the types of interventions, what are the tools, and how to implement the intervention as well as providing resources."  Catherine Huet-Smith

Betrayed Partners

  • Your Sexually Addicted Spouse by Dr. Barbara Steffens & Marsha Means
    “This is the first book written from the perspective of the partner being traumatized by spouse’s sexual betrayal vs. the partner being a “co-addict.” Shannon Johnson
  • Intimate Deception: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Betrayal by Dr. Sheri Keffer
    “This is the newest book for Partners.  Dr. Keffer covers all subjects relative to one’s spouse being a sex addict and how this information affects the partner.” Shannon Johnson
  • Surviving Disclosure: A Partner’s Guide by Dr. Jennifer P. Schneider & Dr. M. Deborah Corley
    “Good preparation for the Partner in preparing her for Disclosure.” Shannon Johnson
  • Real Hope True Freedom: Understanding and Coping with Sex Addiction by Dr. Milton Magness & Marsha Means
    “Very informative!  It is written in a format of questions and answers by subjects.” Shannon Johnson


  • Jesus Calling - Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young
    "This devotional is full of hope and highly recommended." Tim Mavergeorge
  • Rick Warren's Daily Email Devotionals   Click here to sign up for Pastor Rick Warren's Free Daily Hope Devotional
  • "Rick Warren's devotionals are incredibly helpful, encouraging, and highly recommended. Rick has a pastor's heart and a counselor's heart. He speaks truth." Tim Mavergeorge

Grief and Loss

  • Imagine Heaven by John Burke
    “This book is a must read and is so encouraging to the broken hearted. It truly changed the way I look at everything this side of heaven.” Tim Mavergeorge
  • Press On…From Mourning to Joy by Deborah Moncrief & Carolyn Rowe
    “Press On....From Mourning to Joy is a companion guide to help rekindle hope during the most difficult times in your life. Each area covered is a vital part of how the whole person is impacted by grief. Every chapter is filled with helpful exercises and coping skills that will go to the heart of your need. This practical workbook can be used at your own pace and as needed to help you through the devastating pain of your loss.” Deborah Moncrief


  • Love Does by Bob Goff
    “This book will make you laugh and hit you with a velvet hammer with the whimsical ways Bob has learned to love others well. Funny and inspiring.” Tim Mavergeorge


  • The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
    “Very practical. Embraces the differences we all exhibit in marriage. This book will help you to love your spouse well.” Tim Mavergeorge
  • His Needs Her Needs by Willard F. Harley
    “One of the most intuitively correct books on marriage. An absolute must read.” Tim Mavergeorge
  • 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman
    “John Gottman has found a way to take an extensive amount of reach and create practical understanding in marriage.” Tim Mavergeorge
  • The HEAR Process by Deborah Moncrief
    “The Hear Process is a predictably powerfully and effective communication tool that helps bring healing to relationships. This tool will build confidence in handling the most difficult issues and conflict in marriage. ” Deborah Moncrief


  • The Journey of the Heroic Parent by Brad Reedy
    “One of the most essential parenting books I have ever read.” Tim Mavergeorge
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