Betrayed Partners Group

A 12 week closed group for women who are navigating the aftermath of intimate betrayal or betrayal trauma. This includes those in any intimate relationship whether it’s a spouse, fiancée, boyfriend that is impacted by their partners’ struggle with sexual addiction and problematic sexual behavior. This group has a faith-based perspective that is centered around your own healing. Join alongside others as you walk your path toward healing.

Group details.

Topics covered in group:

  • Impact of discovery
  • Building network of trustworthy people and support just for you
  • Focus on your healing of betrayal trauma
  • Space to lament and grieve your losses
  • Surviving disclosure
  • Anger and its role
  • Limit setting and boundary work
  • Moving through the spectrum of overpowering or detached emotions
  • Facing the fear and anxiety
  • Staying grounded
  • Discerning and rebuilding trust

Do you feel as if you had a life and in an instant it changed?

Do you feel as if you’re surrounded by ashes from relational destruction with no hope in sight?

Do you feel lost and confused about your life?

Do you question your own reality and what is happening to you?

Do you feel overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, loneliness, and grief?

Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, or questioning whether you can ever trust again?

Is shame or confusion keeping you from connecting and sharing your story?

Are you unsure about sharing your experience because you feel like it’s not “your story” to share- like you’ll harm your partner if you do?

Do you feel overwhelmed by devastation and pain?

Are you questioning whether or not your relationship can survive, much less be restored, from such deep betrayal?

Have you been silently suffering?

If you can answer yes to some of these questions, maybe it’s your time. We invite you to join this group and begin your healing journey alongside other women who can identify with your experience.

In these groups, you will journey alongside safe people who really care and understand you. Strict confidentiality is upheld by all group members. This is a closed group, meaning no new members can “pop-in” after the group begins.

Dates & Times:

A 12 week group beginning:

Fall 2024

Group limited to 6 members


$280 Monthly ($15.00 discount available for paying with ACH)

$35.00 Workbook


Nicole Brown

Nanette Masterson

Sugar Land
(281) 277-8811