Summer Skills Group for Girls

If your child struggles with negative thinking patterns or handling difficult scenarios, this girl's summer skills group can help. In this 5-week psychoeducation-based group, group members will learn how to better handle big emotions and daily challenges. Members will learn to notice and change negative thinking patterns, identify the situations that bring them difficulties, and find the coping tools that work best for them. These skills and tools are the foundation needed to build resiliency, the ability to self-soothe, and an increased sense of self.

Each week parents will receive a handout with details on that week’s topic to continue the discussion and practice at home.

Throughout the group scripture, prayer, and discussion of God’s view of us and desires for us will be included.

This group is not for those who:

Have history of trauma

Have behavioral struggles

Or will miss sessions.

Group details.

A 5-week craft-based group teaching coping tools & how to change negative thinking patterns. Each week participants will complete a summer-themed craft related to a topic and/or skill to help them strengthen their ability to handle difficult moments and emotions.

Group one: Girls entering 3rd through 5th grade

Wednesdays May 29th- June 26th at 1 PM

Group two: Girls entering 6th through 8th grade

Wednesdays July 10th - August 7th at 1 PM

Parents will receive resources for working on these skills at home

What will be covered:

Week one:

Introduction to what coping tools are, the meaning of “self-talk” and types of negative thoughts.

Week two:

Processing what things can and cannot be controlled in difficult moments. How to focus on what can be controlled such as changing negative thoughts to more helpful ones or utilizing a coping tool.

Week three:

How having a negative view of situations can negatively impact how we respond to them. How to recognize when this is happening first to then be able to change it.

Week four:

Building on the previous week’s topic, this week members will learn how to challenge and change the negative views they previously identified.

Week five:

This week members will wrap up the group by creating their own “toolbox” of personalized coping tools that will work for them.

Dates and Length:

5 weeks


$60 a week/ $300 paid in full at time of registration

No refunds will be given for weeks not attended.


Amanda Harrington

Amanda is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist specializing in working with children.

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Amanda is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist specializing in working with children.

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