EMDR (Trauma) Intensives

EMDR (Trauma) Intensives

EMDR intensives are a highly specialized and personalized form of therapy. They are one of the most efficient and effective ways to reduce or even eliminate symptoms related to a specific experience in a safe and supportive environment. 

One EMDR intensive is roughly equivalent to 8 weeks of individual, weekly EMDR sessions completed in just 2 days’ time! 

Pros to EMDR Intensive Therapy

  • Process more information in a shorter amount of time. Great for those with busy schedules. 
  • Intensives are highly concentrated and highly focused, sometimes requiring less time and overall cost. 
  • Clear a major roadblock to healing while still working with your primary counselor for continued care. 
  • Get relief while you are still highly motivated and reduce chances of dropping out of therapy early.

Who is a good candidate?

  • Clients aged 15 and up 
  • Recent or one-time traumatic event: sudden loss, car accident, natural disaster, victim of crime, fire, job loss, divorce, infidelity, etc. 
  • Ongoing vicarious trauma: Care givers, first responders, physicians, nurses, pastors, missionaries, mental health providers, school personnel 
  • Prolonged or ongoing high levels of stress: cancer patients, refugees, chronic illness, veterans, abortion recovery, bullying, divorce, financial stress, work related stress, etc.

Who may not be a good candidate?

  • Clients under 15 years old 
  • Unprocessed childhood abuse
  • Recent suicidal ideation 
  • Unsafe home environment 
  • High Levels of dissociation
  • Recent violent/assaultive behavior

If you are unsure if your situation is a good fit, schedule a consultation call. Some issues are better processed slowly.

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Intensives include:

    • A free 10-minute consultation call
    • An initial 2-hour Intake Session
    • 6 hours of intensive EMDR processing (in 2 hour increments over 2-3 consecutive days)
    • A 1-hour follow-up session
    • Client Workbook PDF
    • *9 total counseling hours
    • *Additional intensive sessions may be added as needed

What is the process?

    • Contact Tera for a free 10-15 min consultation call to see if EMDR intensives will be right for you.
    • Schedule a 2-hour intake session to discuss symptoms, learn coping skills, receive your workbook, and prepare for processing.
    • At least one week after the initial session, you will have all 3 of your 2-hour intensive sessions within 2-3 consecutive days of each other.
    • Each session will focus on processing while taking breaks as needed.
    • You will complete your follow-up session for 2-4 weeks after intensive checking your progress.


How should I prepare?

Tera recommends thinking of the days surrounding your intensive as a personal wellness retreat. Consider planning things you enjoy when not in session such as stretching, visiting a museum, biking, massages, recreational sports, etc. Use this time to focus on yourself and your total healing process.

Is virtual EMDR effective?

Research shows that virtual EMDR can be just as effective as in-person work. With virtual EMDR you can do the work in the comfort of your own home. 

Does insurance cover intensives?

Unfortunately, not at this time. 

What if I have a counselor?

This is great! You can complete an EMDR intensive to overcome a specific issue while still working with your primary counselor for ongoing support.

What if I don't reach my goal?

Tera will work with you to create a continued care plan. This may include doing another intensive or referring you to an EMDR trained therapist.

EMDR (Trauma) Intensives


All intensives are scheduled upon request.


The total cost for an intensive is $1,500. Additional days can be added as needed for $455 per 3-hour session.

Tera Swigart
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Tera Swigart

Tera's desire is to help you discover a renewed sense of purpose, joy, and hope. She has specialized training in EMDR, Advanced EMDR, Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization, Trauma and Grief Component Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

Tera is a Certified Trauma Professional, has a certificate in Chemical Dependency Counseling, a Master of Social Work degree with specialization in trauma-informed clinical counseling, and over 20 years of experience in ministry working with high-trauma populations.

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